Wound Care Center

It is estimated that 3-4,000 persons in our area suffer from chronic wounds that require special care to heal. It is designed to meet the special needs of people who have difficult or non-healing wounds like diabetic ulcers or pressure sores. It provides local residents with access to a highly skilled team of doctors, nurses and physical therapists who have advanced training and experience in wound care. The center uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide patients with comprehensive treatment and coordinated care. We are very pleased to have the clinical expertise of Dr. Gary Grover as the center’s medical director. The board-certified vascular surgeon has 20 years experience treating patients with complex circulation or blood flow problems. Dr. Grover was instrumental in starting wound care clinics in Waldorf, Lanham; and in 2005, Prince Frederick that currently serve 200 patients per month. Additionally, he introduced the SEPS procedure, a minimally invasive surgical procedure for redirecting a patient’s blood flow to healthy veins in the leg. Private practices are limited in what services they can provide. Their staff has basic training but not the special tools and supplies needed to clean and dress complex wounds. Services may include nutrition counseling, diabetic education, home health care or custom-made orthotics. There is also a nurse navigator to help guide patients every step of the way. In addition to the experienced and knowledgeable staff, the center provides many specialized services. These include the use of ultraviolet radiation to control infection, electrical stimulation to promote skin growth and pulsed lavage or hydrotherapy for wound irrigation (removing dead skin and cleaning infection). The rehabilitation staff also provides patient and family education.